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Thanks for joining my newsletter list. I blog on the importance of growing your relationship with God as well other important topics of the day. As a way of saying thank you, I am giving you my book The End of All Our Exploring for free.

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What is the book about?

For some, they can often be confused or ambivalent about their faith and have a difficult time understanding their relationship with God.

Who is God? Is He really interested in me? Does he want to have a relationship with me and if so, how does that work? These are some the questions some people might have.

The End of All Our Exploring: Developing a Friendship with God was written to help others so that they could practically learn how to grow in their relationship with God. The book offers a mixture of the my own professional experiences as a psychologist and pastor, and some of my own stories in how God intervened in my life.

By looking at the different stages of faith—the phases of being a believer, a servant and then finally, learning how to become a friend to God, it will help you understand where you fit in terms of your relationship with God. In describing these stages of faith, it will hopefully help you develop a closer friendship with the One who cares about you deeply.

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