Many years ago while in seminary, we had to write out confessions. These were simply statements we would write out with regards to what we believed about some specific aspect of our faith. In writing them we had to be very careful with the words that we chose and that we didn’t write anything that we didn’t sincerely believe. We also had to write what we thought could be backed up by Scripture in some way. As you will notice, we were not allowed to discuss any of the aspects of the Trinity (e.g., the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit) as that was a separate confession. Lastly, we were only allowed to use 500 words.

Below is my confession in what I believe about God. In the fifteen years since I wrote it, nothing has really changed.

In the beginning, He shows us that he is the Creator; He created the heavens, the earth and all that lives. He made the seen and the unseen: sky and wind; animals and angels. [1]  Most importantly, He created us, his masterpiece and child. [2] An important part of his nature is creativity as seen by all that he has uniquely made: the elephant, the Atlantic ocean, the Red Oak, the dragon fly, the galaxies, etc.

He, Himself, is an uncreated Spirit, and mysteriously more complex than any person we could imagine. [3] He is vastly different from us and anything He created; He is dependent on nothing and no person, and indestructible from any power. [4] Everything separated from him has no life. [5] There is no place where he can not be found and likewise, there is nothing that can contain him. [6]

God is always right in everything he does; not once has He made a mistake or been wrong in any of his decisions. He is fair and full of mercy; nothing evil is found in Him. He does not change in His character; He is the same everyday. He is perfect and good in every way.  He is honest; he always speaks the truth and can not lie. At the same time, He can be deeply moved; just as with Him, He gave us our emotions and our capacity to feel. [7]

God moves the world in the direction of his purpose. He knows the beginning, the end, and most everything in between. However, because He has chosen to make children rather than dolls, He doesn’t know every single detail. [8] Because of this relationship with us, He can be flexible. By living in relationship with us, He sometimes changes his mind on account of us. [10] Though He is in control, he is not controlling. He can take charge, but he can also leave us room to move and grow. He is very patient, but he also gives us the choice to be in relationship with him or not. [11]

He is personal; His greatest joy is relationships and his greatest desire is his people. He is close and involved because he wants to be known. Though he has no beginning or end, he enters time to rescue us, his lost children. He is eternal, but not removed from the world and its brokenness. [12] He deeply believes in sacrifice and He is not selfish nor does he center his life around himself. [13] He experienced the greatest loss so that we may live. He is friend to the unlovely and the lost; anyone who comes to him, He does not reject.[14] He is the most authentic love and person you will ever meet. [15]

In the end, He will bring justice and perfection. [16] His creativity and creation ends with a purpose that is everlasting and focused on his children forever and ever. [17]

If you were to write a confession about God, what would you say?

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