In summary of this section, the person who is just a believer is someone who believes in God, but in reality, it is they who run and direct their lives. They probably attend church very irregularly. They usually are not involved at their church in any way. They rarely, if ever, read the Bible or pray (perhaps only over a meal or because a crisis in their life has occurred). If you were to really ask them what they believe, they really wouldn’t be sure why they believe in God at all. So, are you a believer—is your relationship to God pretty fair-weather? Here might be some tale-tale signs:

  • Do you find that God is distant even though you gave your life to him years ago?
  • Who runs your life? You, God or something else? What is first for you: people, material things or God? Look at where you spend your time—where is your devotion? What is most important to you?
  • Do you have convictions or do you free wheel it when it comes to what is right or wrong? Most of the time, what do you do when your conscience speaks to you—change your path or ignore that voice?
  • Do you have a hard time talking about God? Can you pray out loud? Is that because of shyness or is it really because God just isn’t very real to you and prayer itself is uncomfortable?
  • Do others know that you are a Christian (e.g., at work, your school, your friends, etc.)? Is this common knowledge or do you usually keep that a secret from others?
  • What is your commitment level? To others? To church? How involved are you? Is church a common occurrence or do you often find yourself finding an excuse early Sunday morning of why you shouldn’t go?
  • Do others know the real you? How good are you at faking it? Do you have some significant problems that you probably should face?
  • Who are your real friends? With your closest relationships, how many of those friendships are centered on Jesus and you both learning about his life? For those friendships in which the other person is not a Christian—who influences who—does that other person influence you more than the other way around?
  • Is there something that stands in your way in following God and making him number one in your life? A relationship? Your work? Some kind of sin that is always standing in your way?
  • Is Jesus simply your Savior, but not the Lord of your life?

Next time, we will begin to explore what it looks like to be just a servant of God….

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