I have been in private practice as a Christian counselor for over fifteen years and worked with many different individuals and couples in the West Michigan area. I have a Masters in counseling, a PhD in Psychology and I am licensed as a counselor in the state of Michigan. For those who do not live near Grand Rapids, I do offer counseling online either through Skype or email. With clients I have worked with a myriad of issues and problems such as depression and anxiety, post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), anger management and grief and loss.

My specialty is helping clients through sexual issues of various kinds. First, I have worked with many different individuals who struggle with some kind of sexual addiction. I have published research in this area and have worked with many men and women who struggle with pornography or other types of sexual addictions.  Second, I have worked with many couples who have problems when it applies to sexual intimacy. Whether the issue involved intimacy, female pain issues or problems involving sexual addiction, I offer a confidential and safe environment to explore these issues whether that is individually or as a couple.

If you want more information about counseling, feel free to contact me with your questions and a fee schedule.


I am also licensed clinical supervisor to Limited License Professional Counselors (LLPC) for those licensed in the state of Michigan.

If you are in need of supervisor, I offer individual and group supervision. I offer oversight on such issues such as professional practice, ethical issues, private practice issues, and overall clinical insight. Within supervision, I offer experiences such as those below:

  • Diverse experience with a variety of populations including children, adolescents, adults, seniors, trauma and abuse survivors, and the general population of fairly well-adjusted adults
  • Extensive history and expertise with marriage and relationship therapy
  • Experienced trainer, educator, presenter, and group facilitator
  • Solid background in client assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and psychotherapy

If you are in need of supervisor, you may contact me via email to options which would best fit your practice and schedule.


I also offer services of leadership consultation, ranging from organizational systems, wealth management counseling, and executive coaching.

One area that I specialize is in helping families transfer values and wealth to ensuing generations. It is crucial for families to understand the importance of becoming aware of their values, finding purpose and goals, and providing quality consultation to adult children who will someday become inheritors. Some of the services I offer include preparing a wealth transition plan, establishing a family mission statement, involving participation of family members, establishing future roles for family members, and the process of communicating estate and asset distribution plans. This includes working with and addressing psychological aspects of the extended family as a whole, and regularly meeting with individuals who have significant responsibilities in transferring a family’s values and wealth in the future.