This Thursday, I am going to be doing a teaching for some of our staff about preventing ministry failure. We all know lots of stories of those who have been in ministry in some capacity, and with one really bad decision, it dramatically impacted their lives and ministry.  In doing research on the topic, it made me think of this question—why do we make poor choices? Getting beyond the obvious–“we make poor choices because we are fallen creations living in a broken world”—what is it exactly in specific terms that influences us in making bad decisions for our lives?

I have made some poor choices in my life and I would guess that you have as well. Some of the decisions I have made have had little impact on my life and a few others have dramatically changed the direction of my life. Some of these poor choices I made, God moved into my life and redeemed them, and with others he allowed the consequences to play out and for me to learn a new lesson.

When we look through the pages of the Bible, we find lots of stories of men and women who also made really bad choices for their life. Look at these stories and write down some of the reasons these three men made a bad choice in their lives:

Judges 13-16

2 Samuel 11

Mark 14: 27-72the same sex.

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